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LivingSocial is an online marketplace that allows its registered users to buy and share things to do in their city. Formerly headquartered in Washington, D.C., LivingSocial had roughly 70 million members around the world in 2013. The company shrank from a peak of 4,500 employees in 2011 to about 200 in 2016. LivingSocial was purchased by Groupon in 2016.

Sharon writes with regret on, "Dreadful company that I will never deal with again - appalling - avoid. Tried to buy a charging radio clock with Livingsocial and did not understand the coupon system - customer service refuses to help even though the clock is still available - really? So I'm writing the money off and will join the majority of people on this review site that do not have a good word to say about LivingSocial - a lesson to me to check reviews first - over 1000 people can't be wrong!".


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Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"Terrible managers who are constantly micromanaging, unreachable sales quotas"

Former Employee - Sales Specialist says

"No common sense from upper management on how to run a business"

Former Employee - Experience Coordinator says

"Long hours spent on your feet Early mornings/ late nights for events"

Account Manager says

"Micro manage a lot. Set goals that you can't reach"

Territory Manager says

"Laid off out of nowhere even as a top performer. New CEO took over and cleared out the sales force. Also not many deal on LivingSocial same stuff over and over no job security go somewhere else they hurt a lot of talented people by laying them off. They don't have a focus or a future."

Former Employee - Merchant Service Representative says

"Everything. Do not - DO NOT - work here. The ship has sunk, and only the tip of the hull remains above water, with Gautum stepping on those below him to keep air in his lungs."

Former Employee - Consumer Advocate says

"Closed door in Tucson."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Constant shift in company direction LAYOFFS - Around 80% of the company has been laid off or has quit No free lunch (very limited free snacks) People are always gossiping about layoffs or getting fired No career growth or promotions Very few people get raises Senior management makes poor business decisions Most products from LivingSocial have failed or were not profitable"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CEO is incompetent and should swap out his casual jeans and sweaters for a black hooded cloak and scythe. He is the most un-inspirational leader you could ever meet. He and his senior leadership team are hacks and some have been promoted from within instead of bringing in proven legitimate C-level VPs from the outside to right the ship. This "Senior Leadership Team" at LS has been encouraging talented people to leave for the last year to make their continued layoff numbers not look quite as bad. In the end the only "transparency" is what they are trying to do, which is strip everything down and sell off. Why would anyone invest in or buy this hemorrhaging failure of a company?"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Transparency, layoffs, management is severely poor. Mandatory Overtime pushed on you. Lack of commumication. All depts are on different pages."

Production Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Seems like a fun company from the outside looking in, but with rounds and rounds of mass layoffs and very little emphasis placed on work/life balance, it is not a company I would recommend to work at."

Area Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible startup company to work for management was impossible to talk to and they wouldn't review or talk to you about any problems you had. Management didn't care about their employees.great incomehigh stress sales pressure"

Senior Media Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The only great thing about this company is the other employees that work there. The sales and support staff is great. Management is horrible. The pay sucks and they expect way too much given the length of the day. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work else"

Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Working here was career suicide! They have no clue on how to operate with integrity. Be prepared to be hit with racial slurs then fired before you have the guts to go to HR. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how well you’re producing, if you’re not slamming back brews at the bar after work or laughing at “Redneck Jokes” at a National Sales Conference (yes, this actually happened), prepared to be hit with “you’re just not a good cultural fit.” It’s a shame."

csr (Current Employee) says

"This company does not give sick time and if you are truly sick they expect you to use your PTO. Even though you use your PTO they count it against you as a missed day. Management is unprofessional at times. The supervisor only talk when I have done something wrong otherwise I get nothing more then that from them.The insurance, pay, and free Coke.Management is not"

Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The corporate environment was wonderful, but absolutely doesn't translate to the field environment. I was threatened by my supervisor when I was injured on a work trip and was forced to involve HR when threats continued. What was especially shocking, is that I was the top single producer on the team, and my immediate supervisor made it an intolerable environment to work in, so I left."

CHARGE DE DEVELOPPEMENT - site web de vente groupée (Former Employee) says

"mise en concurrence entre commerciaux, par des secteurs communs, prose des challenges qu ils n honorent pas"

Marketing Specialist (Current Employee) says

"company isn't in good standing, i worked from 730 to 830, the hardest part of the job was meeting their unrealistic sales goals"

LivingSocial Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overall, I learned a great deal from LivingSocial in my three year tenure. I learned that I am able to rise to any challenge and what I am able to accomplish if I push outside my own boundaries.I started with the company launching markets, worked my way into management, and then into training and development. I was able to show myself what I could do when I wanted it bad enough.On a typical day, I would put in an average of 10 hours of work. My co-workers became like a family. We worked in a synergistic fluid manner and always did what it took to meet our deadlines, projects, and forecasted goals.The most challenging part of the job was being based from home and not corporate office in DC. At times the communication cadence would be a bit skewed.The most rewarding part of the job was seeing my team grow, flourish and accomplish their own goals. Seeing their coaching implemented to true success as a regional sales manager. Leading the nation in net billings and leading by example was enjoyable. It felt great being well respected across the company.When I became a senior regional sales trainer, the most rewarding portion came from seeing their net billings and deal volume raise post market visit. The feedback from their management team was truly rewarding.growth opportunity for those who worked hard enough and were results driventhe layoff, it came as quite a shock, their communication was very poor, product launches were never fully ready to go to market."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"There are many opportunities to positively impact customers and merchant businesses. Pay is great for top achievers. Decent benefits. The company is top bloated and bureaucratic but can't find the right areas to clean up. Every round of mismanaged layoffs and cut backs bring fresh pain for the underlying business. Hire based on talent and not just pretty faces. Talk to everyone, not just those in the bubble, before making decisions that impact the business. Laying off people that make the company money is not a wise decision.Great compensation, work from home as neededLayoffs, uncertain future"

sales executive (Current Employee) says

"Unfortunately living social is about to go into administration so on that note it's not great."

Marketing Specialist - At Home (Current Employee) says

"If washing cars in a suit and tie is your thing this is the perfect job for you."

Marketing (Sales) says

"Staff turnover at LivingSocial UK in incredibly high due to a mix of both employees choosing to leave and those getting the push.Around 75% of the sales staff fail hit target, which leads to no commission being payable which leaves most surviving on the basic salary of £25-30k.On the plus side, it is quite a relaxed environment regarding dress code etc and the product being sold is OK.product being sold, no dress code, basic salary is okhigh sales targets, high staff turnover, no car or car allowance"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Was good 2 years ago, I don't foresee things getting better."

Sr CA Call Center (Former Employee) says

"Be careful of whom you think are friends the management micro manage their service reps and if you are not a behind kisser then you will not get promoted for any positions also management theywill find anything to get minorites employees fired. This is a very racist company to work for. "BEWARE"free lunch commuter benefits health benefits great pay.racist management only people who get promoted are whites. micro manages employees."

Production Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Back in 2011 when I joined LS I enjoyed my work, the atmosphere and the prospect of this company however once the Investors showed their disappointment everything went down hill. Leading up to the layoffs things got worse.- THey have you doing the job os 2-3 people.- For the industry they are underpaying their employees 20-30%- There used to be a great company culture, however the events and perks went away- They expanded too quickly, once they had to shrink they let people go without getting rid of the extra work.It was great in the beginning but now the employee morale and job prospects are horrible. The hardest hit department isProduction, with 15 hour on call days and work loads that 2 people should be handeling, lack of job growth I wold avoid this at all worked, lack of advancement, poor communication, pay"

Marketing/Inside Sales Specialist (Current Employee) says

"fun workplace with ping pong table. Very relax environment. Horrible management. Learn to prospect my own leads and sell environmentno incentive to keep sales motivated"

Merchant Payable Tax Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company has great benefits, diverse, and strives to succeed."

Quality Assurance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I don't think they are in business anymore, so why does this really matter? The company was all smoke and mirrors. They hooked you with promises they never kept."

Assistant Editor (Former Employee) says

"- Work long--real long--but play hard.- Management doesn't share information unless you're in the circle--try to get there, or else you won't be valued.- Colleagues are usually very smart, fun, and the best part of the day.- Web developers and UX folk are cherished here.- Compensation isn't very generous, but this company is a great place to learn the ropes in the professional sodas and snacks.long hours and lack of communication"

Camille Roland says

"Terrible customer service. Complete rip off. The fine print and instructions are not clear. And they keep your money, when you cannot use a voucher. They are not flexible with customers. Staff is not helpful. As good as a deal may sound. Don’t spend your money with this business"

Sasha Sun says

"You can't contact them! Both Groupon and Living Social are totally impossible to contact! Extremely frustrating. If you can't help or communicate with your customers, I suggest you just close down your business. It's just outrageous. No phone, no chat, so I emailed them. It took 24 hours to get an email, not answering my question at all, instead sending me back to their same site they were unreachable at to begin with!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!"

Jocelyn Williams says

"If I could rate them zero I would .... So yesterday me and daughter had tickets for a drag queen (54 + 7 for parking) we get there ... and the building is close down. Like wt...H , so I get back to my car and immediately emailed this a**hole , because it to late to call. So we emailed the rep what happen ... she's telling me holding on or to give her a sec ... rudely. Then she just ended the conversations with NOT so much of a response. I pis because we were clearly scammed by this site ... I'll plan on suing the draws off these people. MY BEST ADVICE TO EVERYONE IS TO STAY AWAY FROM LIVINGSOCIAL DEALS AND GROUPON."

Mike Batton says

"Bought a voucher for a house powerwash in March 2020, appointment set for May 5th. Did not show after stating he would when called to confirm the day before arrival. Rescheduled 3 more times, failed to show also failed to answer calls and text messages on numerous occasions. When he did text message, stated he would arrive on May 18th. This was a overcast day which called for rain, a no show by him without a phone call to even reschedule. Asked for a refund from LivingSocial. getting a run around from them."

PeggyT says

"I ordered three different products, received three separate tracking numbers for the shipment, and got ZERO packages. All three tracking numbers returned info that the package was left on my front steps. I'm working from home due to COVID-19, so I'm here all day. There were ZERO packages delivered. One package was supposed to be delivered by Fed Ex, one by Fed Ex SmartPost, and one by DHL. I did not receive any of them; yet, I get amazon packages with no issues. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM LIVING SOCIAL!"

Fred Fields says

"It seems anybody can sell on Living Social. They don't check the sources. they have distanced them selves from the sales also. Beware Beware scammers are using it."

Emily Krieger says

"Tried to get a blazer refunded on my original payment. They told me the window (of three days) was closed. They took a week to send it and somehow I was supposed to know if it would fit."

Lu La says

"There is NO WAY to contact them!!!! SO bloody frustrating when something goes wrong on their end (and it did)."

Yvonne Zaslow Cohen says

"This company is beginning to scam customers. I had an experiece the other day where their 20% coupon code didn't work so I had to buy the service coupon without the code ( it was nearly midnight so too late to call them). I called the next day and told them. They kept me on the phone for 15 minutes AFTER acknowledging code should have worked . Mainly, they put me on hold 3 times and then said they'd issue me the $38 refund they owed me. Then the phone went dead. I checked my paypal account today and the $38 refund was not processed. I called LivingSocial again and asked the rep to read me the notes from my original conversation with their rep. It says " Customer hung up so I didn't issue the refund". SERIOUSLY?? I didn't hang up. they did. Also, they said they would issue it. What does it matter if the line "went dead" no matter whose fault it was - they had all the info they need after the 15 minutes we spent on the phone together. From now on, I will only use their competitor - which rhymes with Coupon. They are so much more honest and transparent"

Yvette Stanley says

"When I clicked on "ORDER" to get the tickets, the system kicked back and said that my transaction did not go through and to call customer service. There are no phone numbers and no chat service to contact on the site. I tried to order again a couple of times and they both also kicked back. 5 minutes later I receive a confirmation order for 3 orders. All the transactions went through. I contacted customer service but they said the tickets were non refundable and there was nothing they could do, even though their system was not working properly."

Grace says

"I recently purchased a deal from them for a haircut...within their fine print, they sneaked in that actually blow drying the hair wasn't included. I've never seen them allow a salon to withhold that service. The voucher cost like $35 and the salon up-charges $30 for you to not walk out with wet hair. I flagged this to LivingSocial, kindly asking to exchange for a less skeezy salon four days after purchasing. 24 hours later, they said they will not allow that even though I never opened the voucher to see the code. No wonder people have stopped using LivingSocial as much - lesson learned."

Katie Zeugner says

"I receive emails from them and on black friday was very excited to see a deal on ipads. We decided to get one for our autistic little one. Logged on and seen they offered different sizes on the screen as well as memory. Each 1 i clicked on was sold out, or the bigger the screen, the more money. THEN because it was black friday, there was a glitch. Had NO idea i was being charged THREE SEPARATE TIMES ON 3 SEPARATE DAYS! They charged me for 3 ipads and 3 protection plans. It is extremely hard to get ahold of them too. When i finally talked to someone i said, IF i wanted thee, dont you think I wouldve changed the product count. He asked if there was a glitch too, of course i said yes. Three days later they found they did nothing wrong. We all know apple products are not cheap! This caused my bank account to go negative, LOT! They didnt want anything to do with me being overcharged or anything of the sort, even though ive been a loyal customer for years! They are running a scam, they dont care about their customers and are very inconvenient when a problem arises."

Jim Armstrong says

"WOW! I bought a couple of vouchers from LivingSocial. I used one for Shaw Academy and after the course bought a lifetime membership. I called LivingSocial to refund the second Shaw Academy voucher and they won't. You only have 3 days to request a refund so don't even bother buying no matter how good the deal sounds. All the rep from LivingSocial did was read me their hidden details. They are a SCAM. They won't even provide a credit. BTW the call center and online chat is in Columbia - so good luck getting nowhere."

Edward clark says

"My wife ordered a gift of a voucher for an "ONLINE" CWP. I sat down to take the "ONLINE" course only to find there was no way to redeem the voucher. Fine print says it required "preregistration and preauthorization and appointment" for a location "in person". ??? I searched the sellers website and found no redemption information. So I started an online chat with LS. Instantly got a response that "it's our fault for not reading the fine print!". Fine print? For an online course? Turns out there was no online course available via LS. The seller had one. Just that the voucher appeared to be the old "Bait and switch". So my initial contact with the customer service rep was very negative. The situation goes from a simple website error to "we scammed you and are getting away with it' conversation. I couldn't even get the rep to admit that the entire thing was shady to start with. After a really fun exchange I did get a refund. I'm sure it was done to simply make me disappear. But as I was typing a closing with an explanation as to how the reps response made the situation worse, I was "closed and disconnected" from the chat. So, not only is LS aware of these types of things, they actually defend vendors even in the face of clear print and logic. This all gives me the sense that this company is all about money and protecting vendors at the expense of the customers. Caveat Emptor! Go elsewhere."

TJ Taylor says

"I placed an order and was never asked for a shipping address, so I assumed it was a voucher. Or at worst would go to my billing address, which I entered as part of entering a new credit card number. Several days later, I get a notice that the package had been shipped... to the wrong address. One associated with an expired credit card on my account. I immediately reached out and asked for the address to be corrected. I was told it couldn't. I asked them to ship me a replacement product to my correct address. I was told they couldn't. Throughout they never even acknowledged that it was their fault. They just said I had to wait until the package was returned as undeliverable. I told them that wouldn't happen. It would just be left on someone else's doorstep. They told me there was nothing they could do until the package was returned. When the package was finally listed by the carrier as having been delivered, I told them I did not receive it. At that point they said the product was no longer available and they would refund me my money or give me an account credit. I took the refund. I won't every order from them again."

Linda Thompson says

"My daughter in law bought me an hour facial as a gift. When I went there there as no one and I got worried as I am a visitor to USA no car and they are picking me up in an hours time. Finally the lady arrived 15 minutes late no apology and I had a facial which only lasted 30 minutes when I ask them they ask me to return another day for the other 30 minutes which I refuse so did give me another 30 minutes but they burned my face really bad and I still got the scar. My daughter in law complained to Living Social and they said there is nothing they can do as we used the coupon already. Yes we used it hence the complain because they burn my face otherwise we got no cause to complain. I will not touch this company with a six foot barge pole they do not look after their customers, reading from all the other reviews they are a terrible company stay away you've been warn."

Anthony Pilozzi says

"I bought a coupon in May 2018 for a car detailing package. The ad looked good and there was a location nearby. However, when I tried to redeem the coupon, it turned out that they had closed all but one of their locations. That location was very inconvenient for me. Still, I called to try and make an appointment. It took several attempts to get someone to answer over two days. When I did speak to someone he said he was too busy to book an appointment and I'd need to call back. I called LivingSocial customer support and they suggested I trade in the coupon. So, I traded it for another car detailing package. Again, I called this business near a dozen times. There was never any answer. I left a voicemail a few times with my number. I then drove to the address for this "deal" and there was no "auto-spa" at this location. Once again, I spoke to LivingSocial. They offered to contact the business for me and help facilitate the coupon redemption. 4 days passed and nothing happened. Finally, after feeling very duped, I asked for my money back. LivingSocial refused. They will only provide a credit. This isn't acceptable. If they weren't fraudulently selling coupons, there wouldn't be an issue. However, they are. When I checked, both these deals are still active. So, they are essentially "fooling" others as I type this. I don't plan to use LivingSocial again."

Lisa Stark says

"I would NEVER purchase ANYTHING from this company!! They sold gift certificates KNOWING there were countless complaints against this so called company. I did not get to go on my wine tasting limo excursion but since the guy cancelled just hours before I was stuck with a large hotel bill! The event we planned for months was ruined, & to add insult to injury Living Social did NOTHING about it. The first person I contacted told me I had 4 business days to decide on another deal...but when I tried ordering it I was unable to. They then told me the original purchaser (who did NOT check this particular e mail account) could only get credit, not me. So almost $200 down the drain. Disgusted"


"Just very poor customer service! I was never able to redeem my deal. I contacted all parties involved and no one could help! I guess now it is Groupon which I never had any problems with put I would never purchase from Living Social."

Caliasia Deng says

"I have used social living a lot and always been ok with their service but last few months have been terrible service!! I haven't received goods at all... when i email no one gets back to me. Don't use them again... and use groups on wowcher because living social has been a total let down !! Dealsgo is also a hood new place to find amazon deal of the day . It recently launched a CASH BACK shopping program where you can buy a product from its FREE OFFER and then it will return your cash back via gift card after you leave an honesty comment!"

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